Free Flower Watercolor Printables!

So I recently discovered the Waterlogue app and I am addicted.  I’ve even Waterlogued my cat!  I dug up these photos I took of some flowers from my flowerbeds last year and I love the way they look Waterlogued so much that I had to share with you!  How perfect is this for spring??  Enjoy! Continue reading


Tips for a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

4 tips for building a spring capsule wardrobeI’m proud to say that I’ve stuck with seasonal capsule wardrobes for a year now!  I have gotten rid of a significant amount of clothing that I learned just didn’t work for me.  I hated to let a few things go because they were just SO CUTE, but didn’t fit me any more or were too uncomfortable.  I’ve learned a lot about making capsule wardrobes work for me and it has helped me to learn more about my own personal style and pare down to a simpler wardrobe. Continue reading