Homemade Fruit Snacks

Simple Homemade Fruit Snacks - by Little Bits of GranolaI shared a photo on Instagram yesterday of some homemade fruit snacks that I made for the kiddos.  Megan, of the lovely blog HEN Family, asked where she could find the recipe so I thought I ought to share it with you all here!

It’s quite simple.  I adapted my recipe from this one by Wellness Mama.  I love to use peach mango juice by Apple and Eve, which I buy at Costco.  You can also use any other kind of juice you want, so get creative!

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Also, you can get this great collagen protein pasture-raised beef gelatin
at Amazon, or you usually can find plain gelatin in the same area as Jell-o and pudding in the grocery store.  That is what I did when I was first trying these recipes out.  I didn’t want to spend a bunch on bulk gelatin before I was sure my kids would like my homemade jello and fruit snacks and actually eat them!

Finally, I like to use raw honey that I buy locally, but you can also sweeten these fruit snacks with maple syrup.  I think maple syrup would be really delicious in apple or pear fruit snacks.

Ok, on to the good stuff!

Homemade Fruit Snacks

2 cups fruit juice (divided)

1/2 cup gelatin

1 cup pureed fruit (our fave is pureed peaches, or if we are using the peach mango juice, a combo of peaches and mangoes – I get frozen organic mango at Costco) OR 1 cup apple sauce OR 1 cup pear sauce (this can be omitted from the recipe if you prefer, just increase the total fruit juice by 1/2 cup)

1/3 cup raw honey

Coconut oil

1. Grease a medium rectangular baking dish with coconut oil.

2. Combine the pureed fruit and honey in a small bowl or a measuring cup.

3. Pour 1 cup of the fruit juice into a medium mixing bowl.

4. Boil the other cup of fruit juice.

5. Just as the fruit juice begins to boil, use a fork to mix the gelatin into the cold juice that is already in the bowl (if you do this too early, this next part will be more difficult).  Then as soon as the juice in the pan begins to boil, pour it in the bowl and mix it well to dissolve the gelatin.  Be sure the gelatin is completely dissolved.

6. Pour the pureed fruit and honey mixture into the bowl and continue to mix until everything is combined.

7. Pour the contents of the bowl into the baking dish and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.  Once the fruit snacks are set up, cut them into small cubes.

These can be stored in an airtight glass container for a week or two.  My kids absolutely love these and they are so much better than store bought fruit snacks.  You can get creative and try different flavor combinations – or let the kids get creative, making up their own flavor combinations.  They also hold up for a little while at room temperature, so you can put them in a small glass container (like these by Pyrex) to take with you in the diaper bag.

*   *   *

What are your favorite homemade versions of popular store-bought snacks?  Share with us below!

If you like this recipe, you might also enjoy my Apple Juice Jello that uses only 2 ingredients!

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