Free Flower Watercolor Printables!

So I recently discovered the Waterlogue app and I am addicted.  I’ve even Waterlogued my cat!  I dug up these photos I took of some flowers from my flowerbeds last year and I love the way they look Waterlogued so much that I had to share with you!  How perfect is this for spring??  Enjoy!

Iris Watercolor Hydrangea Watercolor Tulips WatercolorClick here to download: Iris, Hydrangea, Tulips

Do you like printables?  Here are a few more!

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Free Flower Watercolor Printables! by Little Bits of Granola


2 thoughts on “Free Flower Watercolor Printables!

  1. These are beautiful, thank you for sharing, Laura! I can see my 8-year daughter LOVING these for art next week! Can’t wait for spring!

    Love your blog and am very happy to connect with you in blogosphere!

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