Square Foot Garden Planner (free printable)

Free Printable Square Foot Garden PlannerIf you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or like my Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve got gardening on the brain!  We started our 4×8 square foot garden last year and I’m super excited to get going on it again.  We’ve still got a good 4-6″ of snow on the ground, but it’ll be gone soon and it’ll be time to get our hands in the dirt.

Here’s a simple square foot garden planner to help you decide what to plant where.  I like to start by noting which direction is north, just to get my bearings.  Then I just write down all the veggies we like and have talked about planting one day without the intent to plant all of them (we only have 1 4×8 bed).  I also write in if they need to be started indoors (and when), when they get planted outside, and when they’ll be ready to harvest.  Then I just use a pencil and play around with placing plants in my 1’x1′ squares.  Makes it pretty easy!  I made the middle line bold just to stand out a bit more in case you have a 4×4 bed.  Enjoy!

Square Foot Garden Planner

Click here to download: 4×8 Square Foot Garden Planner

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7 thoughts on “Square Foot Garden Planner (free printable)

  1. I am so ready to get back into the garden! After today most of our snow is gone, except for the huge mountains left by the snowplows! Yippee!

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