Tips for a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

4 tips for building a spring capsule wardrobeI’m proud to say that I’ve stuck with seasonal capsule wardrobes for a year now!  I have gotten rid of a significant amount of clothing that I learned just didn’t work for me.  I hated to let a few things go because they were just SO CUTE, but didn’t fit me any more or were too uncomfortable.  I’ve learned a lot about making capsule wardrobes work for me and it has helped me to learn more about my own personal style and pare down to a simpler wardrobe.

I’m planning to switch out my winter wardrobe for my spring set in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed that it really does get above freezing by mid-March) and thought I’d share some of my lessons learned with you.

1. Be realistic about the weather where you live.

I am so tempted to break out the summery sundresses and pack away every single sweater.  Reality in my neck of the woods, however, is that spring is usually a chilly, rainy season.  At the same time, we normally get a few pops of warm and sunny weather too.  It really is a mixed bag up here; quite unpredictable!  So I’ve got to include wardrobe pieces that will work rain or shine.  Count your blessings if you live in a place that is 75 and sunny most of the time!

2.  Get creative with layers.

Working with layers was my first tip for building a fall wardrobe, but I learned something new that I wanted to share.  You’ve got to get creative with your layers, or you may begin to get bored with your capsule.  I keep a couple of trusty neutral cardigans around, but I now try to mix it up with a chambray, a white jean jacket, or a patterned shell.

3.  Still don’t get hung up on trends.

I included this in my Tips for Building a Fall Wardrobe and I’m repeating it because it is that important.  Believe me, my inner hippy is screaming for some boho indulgence!  Have you been to Target lately?  OH MY HEART.  I can’t even stand it.  All the fringe and paisley and florals and tunics and lace!  But for real?  Indulging in an entirely new spring wardrobe is sort of the opposite of my whole purpose for using seasonal capsule wardrobes.  No.  It IS the opposite of my purpose here.

I have already made a pact with myself: I have a small amount of cash stashed away in my wallet that I may use for just the right piece if I happen to see one.  It is a very small amount, though, so I’m talking thrift stores and clearance racks.

4.  Be realistic about your tolerance for discomfort.

This was probably my biggest lesson from fall and winter.  I included some button down shirts that are nice and fitted – a dressier, more sophisticated look.  I used to wear shirts like that EVERY DAY.  But now that I’ve got kiddos, I need tops that I can move in.  I need to be able to pick up a kid (sometimes two), sit on the floor, wrap my arms around for big bear hugs, and wipe butts so comfort is a bigger priority now.  Don’t waste space in your closet for clothes you will not wear.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I know I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again: just remember that you get to change it all up again in 3 months!  So if something doesn’t work, consider it a lesson learned and don’t do it again in your next wardrobe.

If you are curious about why I am using seasonal capsule wardrobes, you can learn more here, here, and here.

* * *

Do you use capsule wardrobes? What basic pieces do you include?  What are your tips for going from cold weather to warm in a single season? 


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