Easy Ways to Overcome End of Winter Cabin Fever

Easy and Frugal Cures for End of Winter Cabin Fever

“I’ve got a fever! And the only prescription is… more cowbell!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little antsy for spring.  It is a brisk -4°F this morning here in Northeast Indiana. For my southern friends, that little dash in front of the 4 is not a typo.  It is actually negative four degrees. We’ve had snow on the ground for a while, but have only been able to take our littles out to play a couple of times because it has been just. so. frigid.  As you can imagine, we are getting a bit of cabin fever around here.  Little Miss S has even been asking me to roll down the car windows!  The poor girl is craving fresh air!!  So I’m sharing some easy and frugal ways to cure cabin fever (that don’t involve bells, cow or otherwise).

Plan Your Garden

Get out some paper and a pencil and start sketching!  What do you plan to plant this year?  Are you a vegetable gardener (we just started last year and learned some valuable lessons!), a flower gardner, herb gardner?  Pick your pleasure and start planning.  Get some seeds started indoors if you are planting early veggies.

Get Crafty

Getting the creative juices flowing is a surefire way to get me out of a rut.  I’ve been busy making toddler clothes out of some of my old t-shirts that are now too small (ahem).  Check out this sneak peek at a tank top I’ll be sharing next month (and if you’d like to, you can follow me on Instagram at @Laura_LBoG).

Wear Bright Colors

It might seem like a small gesture, but wearing bright colors and patterns can brighten your day a bit!

Decorate for Spring

If it’s not going to be spring outside, you can certainly make it spring inside!  Take down your winter wreath and put up a spring-inspired one, update your mantel decor with spring colors, maybe even make a pretty macrame garland in spring colors like this one by A Beautiful Mess!

Plan Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring really is just around the corner, and if you are doing seasonal wardrobes it’s probably not too early to go ahead and start planning what you’ll include for spring!

Get a Bouquet of Flowers

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers!

Pot Some Houseplants

Houseplants add life to your space, and they have air cleaning and other health benefits too!

Spring Clean Your House

I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but getting a head start on your spring cleaning will at least get you moving and busy and hopefully get your mind off the weather!  And it really does feel so good when you just finish deep cleaning a space.  This printable Spring Cleaning Bundle can help you get started!

* * *

How do you beat the winter blues? I’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Overcome End of Winter Cabin Fever

  1. If it’s bright enough to do so, open up as many blinds as you can! Maybe the windows can’t be open, but getting natural light is important!
    I like the wear bright colors bit – I know that I feel better when I’ve got some color on versus wearing darker colors or grey. 🙂

  2. I love it!!!! I can SO SO RELATE – I get the “winter blues” in January and February…. Another tip may be to sit next to open windows whenever possible and lighting! You have wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I cannot wait to have a garden this summer and have some fresh vegetables! I will be starting the indoor portion of mine shortly. My boys do the outside portion for me though I cannot wait!!!

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