14 Days of Learning to Love Your Life – Day 2

14 Days of Learning to Love Your LifeWelcome to Day 2 of 14 Days of Learning to Love Your Life.  New to the series?  Check out this and this for the down low.

We are going to start the series with something easy.  At least I think it is easy, because it isn’t all that personal.  We won’t be “looking within” or anything like that.

Today we are going to begin the process of loving your city/town.

For some people this is easy and they already love the city they live in.  For many others, this is seems impossible.

I live in one of those cities where people vow to “get out” or they complain endlessly that “there’s nothing to do”.  In reality though, this is actually a pretty cool city to live in.  To be fair, there has been a big movement in the last 15 years to make that happen and before that it was much harder to find the greatness.  But there were people who saw it and worked hard to make others see it.  Maybe that can be you for your city!

What I want you to do today is spend some time looking for the great in your city or town.  Use the internet, head to the library, maybe even talk to some folks who’ve been there a while.  Heck, getting to know some of the natives (if you are a transplant) or some old-timers might just be enough to make you fall in love with where you live.

Learn about your city’s history.  Find out what museums you could visit.  What makes your city unique?  Is it a great place to raise a family?  Or maybe it is the perfect place to start a business.  Does it have small-town charm or big city anonymity?

Now look within a 3-hour drive.  What great things are there nearby?  Maybe there is an amusement park, or a historic theater, or a sweet little bed and breakfast.  Or maybe there is a big city that has tons to offer.

Don’t think that because you don’t live in one of the “big three” that your city has nothing to be proud of.  There are so many reasons that living in a mid-sized or small city can be wonderful.  One of the awesome things about where I live is that I can get from one end of town to the other in about 30 minutes.  My friends who live in the state capital laugh at this because they can’t get anywhere in less than an hour.

So for today, open your mind, give it lots of deep, objective thought, and figure out what makes your town great.  Start a new page in your journal and make two lists.  1 – List the features or characteristics that you love (small-town vibe, great for raising kids, etc.)  2 – List the activities you want to try (History Museum, annual art show, a popular park, etc.).

Make a board on Pinterest.  Maybe call it “My Town Bucket List”.  Pin the fun things you want to do.  Now make another board on Pinterest and call it something like “Fun Things to Do in My Town” (maybe replace “my town” with the name of your town) and every time you do something on your bucket list board, move the pin to the fun-things-to-do board.

Now every time you say you hate your city or begin to feel as if your city has nothing to offer, go back to this list and remember why it is not all bad.

14 Days of Learning to Love Your Life - Day 2 - Bloom where you are planted



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