A Thanksgiving Printable for You!

Today I am sharing my first free printable.  I love printables for decorating because they are inexpensive and easy to change out with the seasons.  They also save on tons of natural resources because mass amounts of printed artwork is not being manufactured in China and then shipped to your nearest big box store.

For the record, I also love buying original or reproduction artwork from individual artists and boutiques that have relationships with artists and artisans.

But printable artwork is a much more affordable option if those other options are not within your budget.

I am also slightly obsessed with chalkboards, but have not actually put any in my house yet.  I am finding that I have commitment issues.  I think it is because of my turquoise living room incident that I mentioned here (maybe someday I’ll share more on that…).

So I made this chalkboard printable.  It is not an actual chalkboard (clearly).  It is a printable that looks like a chalkboard.  I guess that somehow makes it feel like less of a commitment.  I can put this in one of the frames on my mantel for the weekend and take it out on Sunday when I do my Christmas decorating.

If I would just make or buy a chalkboard I could just change it as I please!  But I am not confident in my hand lettering skills and fear it would just look like a mess all the time.

So for now, a chalkboard printable.  It is my pleasure to share this with you!

Gather Here with Grateful Hearts

I ordered this as an 8×10 on matte photo paper at CVS for $3.99.  You can get 8x10s cheaper from other websites, but then you pay shipping.

You could also print it on regular paper or a nice cardstock.

Good luck and enjoy!


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