31 Days to a Clutter Free Life: Day 16

31 Days to a Clutter Free LifeIf you are following along in real time, you’ve noticed that I fell a bit behind in the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge.  No worries though, I’m getting caught up!

Day 16 in the challenge is the Master Bathroom Medicine Cabinet.  We don’t actually keep much medicine in our bathroom, just a bottle of Ibruprofen.  I share here my big purge and organize feat on the lower cabinets, which is where much of our “bathroom stuff” lives.  We do have a medicine cabinet where I keep feminine hygiene products and such, but that felt a little too personal to share.  Plus, there are maybe 3 or 4 things in there so it is pretty bare and uncluttered already.  I will be tackling this area on Day 20 though, when our focus is Kids’ Bathroom!

So I thought I share some inspiration for medicine cabinet organization instead!  Here are some awesome ideas I found:

Stackable-Letter-TrayUse stackable letter trays and drawer organizers!  This brilliant idea is from Organizing Home Life.


MedicineCabinet2-750x1024This post by Davonne Parks has great tips for organizing medicine cabinets.  I especially like number 2.

Medicine-Cabinet-Part-3-ChildrenHow cute is this?  Useful Beautiful Home shared a 4-part series about organizing your medicine cabinet and making it useful and beautiful.

Slide1The Organized Senorita shared tips on making cute labels for the clear organizing drawers.  This is such a fantastic idea for if you have to keep the drawers in sight!

 If you are looking for more organizing ideas, follow my Pinterest Board: Smart Storage and Organization!


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