31 Days to a Clutter Free Life: Day 14

31 Days to a Clutter Free LifeWe are continuing on in the master bedroom today in the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge.  This time, we are focusing on closets and drawers.

I gave my closet a huge overhaul at the beginning of summer when I began my wardrobe simplification journey.  At that time, I got rid of a huge pile of clothes.  Last month, I did a wardrobe change out where I put away my summer wardrobe and took out my fall wardrobe.  At that time I sorted out several more items of clothing that I just knew were not going to be worth keeping. Even though I LOVED them on the hanger, they just weren’t my style and I didn’t feel confident when I wore them.

If you’d like to learn more about my slow approach to simplifying my wardrobe, you can start with this post.

Here is my closet now.   Hanging on the rod I have a sweater shelf, a scarf hanger, a belt hanger, and all of the items in my fall wardrobe.  I also have several hoodies, blazers, and a couple of jackets.  On the bottom left, the bottom bin is my “doesn’t fit” bin and the top one is my “next season” bin.  On top of that is a small bin for items I decide are going to get donated.  Then there is my hamper and my shoe rack.

Master Bedroom Closets and DrawersOh how I would LOVE a large walk in closet.  But as you can see, a small closet is actually plenty if you use a seasonal wardrobe system.

Here is my husband’s closet.  His hanging clothes are basically grouped by shirt type – long sleeves, then short sleeves, then golf/polo shirts, then button downs.  On the far right are his hanging dress pants (he doesn’t have many and hardly ever wears them).  He has hunting pants, workout pants, sleeping pants, and sweatshirts on the shelf and jeans and shorts in the drawers.  His shoes are in there on the right.

Master Bedroom Closets and Drawers

Here is my t-shirt drawer.  I used to have two drawers FULL of t-shirts, but I pared it down to this.  My goal is to have half of this a year from now.  Long sleeves on the left, then short sleeves, then tanks.

Master Bedroom Closets and Drawers

Here are a couple of non-clothes drawers.  I keep some towels and extra pillow cases and I have a drawer where I keep stock-up items (it is a little bare right now).

Master Bedroom Closets and Drawers

Master Bedroom Closets and Drawers

That’s it!  Now it’s your turn!  Are you following along on the LWSL 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life?  Tell me about your successes below!


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