31 Days to a Clutter Free Life: Day 6

31 Days to a Clutter Free LifeThe focus for Day 6 in the LWSL 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge is DVDs and video games.  I did some organizing of these yesterday, so I’ll share my tips with you.

1. Be selective.  Don’t own movies or other videos that you don’t use.  I own about 20 workout DVDs that I’ve accumulated over the years and each year.  I don’t buy them anymore because there are so many great workout videos available online for FREE.  So I decided to get rid of half of my workout DVD collection.  I’m keeping the ones I really do enjoy and know I’ll miss.  The same goes for movies – if you have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other similar service, you have access to so many movies!  Only keep the ones that you really love to watch and that may not be available from those other sources.

2. Purge regularly.  This is especially important if you have growing kids because their interests and tastes change so quickly.  They may have some all-time favorites that they’ll never want to get rid of, but many others can probably get donated or sold after a year or two.  For instance, if your youngest is now a toddler, you probably don’t need to hang on to Baby Einstein DVDs.

3. Have a system for organizing them.  For my family, DVDs and video games get grouped by genre.  All workout DVDs are grouped together, all kids movies are grouped together, and all of my husband’s video games are together.  We don’t own a lot of DVDs and video games, so what works for us may not work the same if you have an expansive collection.  Whatever fits your needs, an organizing system will make it easier to put them away neatly and keep the clutter down.

Here is how we’ve got ours organized:

Living Room - After

How do you keep DVDs and video games organized so they don’t clutter up your living space?  Share in the comments below!

Looking for some storage and organization inspiration?  Follow my Smart Storage and Organization board on Pinterest.


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