My Simplified Fall Wardrobe

My Simplified 26 Piece Fall Wardrobe - by Little Bits of GranolaIf you have been following along on my wardrobe simplification journey, you might remember that it is about time for a seasonal wardrobe change out.  Today, I’m sharing with you the 26 clothing items I am including in my simplified fall wardrobe.

{In case you missed it, check out my 4-part series on how to simplify your wardrobe and declutter your closet: A New Way to Declutter Your Closet Parts One, Two, Three, and Four; and check out my Primer to Simplifying Your Wardrobe}

Just a few notes about what I am including in my 26 pieces and what I have in my full wardrobe that is not included here:

I do not count shoes, outerwear, or accessories.

I do not count casual t-shirts, workout clothes, dirty-work clothes, sleepwear or undergarments.

Also, I want to share a few lessons I learned with my summer wardrobe:

I have too many pairs of shoes.  I think I wore 6 or 7 different pairs of shoes on a regular basis this summer and that is less than a third of my shoe collection.  Part of my challenge is that I really do feel justified in having different pairs of shoes for different seasons because here in the Midwest we do see the full array of seasons.  As I write this, I realize having ~25 pairs of shoes is not really all that unheard of for many women.  But I could still slim down my collection.

I also learned to exclude things from my wardrobe that don’t fit well and things I am not comfortable wearing (no matter how cute people tell me I look in them).  I wasted a few hangers on tops that I never wore once all summer.

I have too many belts and scarves.  I’ll wait until next spring to really decide about the scarves because I do like to wear them when the weather is colder.  But the belts…  I rarely wear belts.

I have too much jewelry that doesn’t match my style.  I’ve decided to sell much of what I have on ebay.

One last thing.  Here is a little bit about my wardrobe needs so you understand where I’m coming from.

I mostly work from home, and I teach a course at the community college one afternoon a week.  I occasionally have business related meetings that I need to dress professionally for, but while I am working at home I can wear whatever I want.  That being said, I really try to dress nicely (i.e. no yoga pants and t-shirts).  I have 2 small kids (ages 1 and 3) to chase.  On weekends, we pretty much do family stuff – work around the house, play in the backyard, grocery shop, etc.  So my wardrobe needs range from the occasional business meeting to daily workwear to casual weekend wear.  I think this selection of clothing items will do the job.

Ok, so on to my fall wardrobe.

Here is what I’ve included (I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality photos – a nice camera is on my wishlist!):

3 loose fitting lightweight sweaters.  The one on the right is sort of a dark purple.

My Simplified Fall Wardrobe - by Little Bits of Granola

3 tops.  The middle one is slightly fitted has ¾ length sleeves and is navy/ivory striped.  The one on the right is blue with white birds and cinched at the waist.  That one and the one of the left are sort of flowy and sheer (I consider camis to be undergarments).

My Simplified  Fall Wardrobe - by Little Bits of Granola

2 short-sleeve button downs and a navy dressy t-shirt.

My Simplified Fall Wardrobe  - by Little Bits of  Granola

2 sleeveless blouses (good for layering).

My Simplified Fall Wardrobe - by  Little Bits of Granola

1 bulky cowl-neck sweater.

My Simplified Fall Wardrobe -  by Little Bits of Granola

2 casual sweatshirts.

My Simplified Fall Wardrobe - by Little Bits of  Granola

2 dresses and 1 chambray shirt.  The light dress is an ivory lace and the other one is poka-dots.  Both are super cute with the chambray layered on top and I’m going to try to play around with other layering ideas too.

My  Simplified Fall Wardrobe - by Little Bits of Granola

2 basic cardigans and 1 neutral pattern cardigan.

My Simplified Fall Wardrobe  - by Little Bits of Granola

1 pair of dark-wash denim skinnies , 1 pair of black skinnies, and 1 pair of blue denim skinnies.  I’ve got to explain – I wouldn’t normally wear skinnies this often; but I am still struggling to lose my post-baby belly and these are the pants that I have that fit in the waist. I’d rather wear skinnies a few days a week than have muffin top.

My Simplified Fall Wardrobe - by Little  Bits of Granola

1 pair of extra-comfy jeans; 1 just-below-the-knee flowy black skirt; 1 knee-length A-line skirt with cute embroidery.

My Simplified Fall  Wardrobe - by Little Bits of Granola

I also have some blazers in my closet that I MIGHT wear once or twice the entire season.  I’m considering those to be outerwear.  I also consider fleeces and zip-up hoodies outerwear.

Changing out my closet from my summer wardrobe to my fall wardrobe took about an hour, and that’s with keeping a 1 year old and a 3 year old entertained, trying on a couple of outfit combos, and sorting through my summer clothes to get rid of some things.

Now I just need to pull out my space bags and fill my “Next Season” bin.  My winter wardrobe will probably have many of the same pieces as my fall wardrobe, but with a few more bulky sweaters and without the lightweight and gauzy tops.

The thing I feel like I need to work on the most is getting creative with my wardrobe to make several outfits out of just a few items.  Have you seen this done with capsule wardrobes pinned on Pinterest?  I love looking through those!  Here are a few boards I like that have great capsule wardrobe ideas!

Capsule Wardrobe / Project 333 by Dirty Martini Diaries.

Capsule Wardrobe by MaiTai’s Picture Book

Capsule Wardrobe by Rose La Rouge

Capsule Wardrobes by Abbey Dabbles.


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