Meatless Game Day Snacks

Meatless Game Day Snacks - by Little Bits of GranolaFootball season is here (go Bears!) and I, for one, get particularly excited for game-day food.  My husband and I have a friend who is an incredible cook and always has the BEST spread whenever there is a football game on.  Too bad he is a Packers fan.

I kid.

Sort of.

Anyway, watching football – on TV, in person, whatever – is always a great excuse to try out all of those delicious appetizer recipes you’ve been eyeing.  Maybe even make a meal out of it!  I have a ton pinned on my Pinterest board “Game Day!” I want to try out.

If you stopped by for my 8 Practical Father’s Day Gifts, you know that we are not vegetarians in my family.  We (read: I) do, however, embrace the Meatless Monday idea; although it usually happens on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  No matter how you spin it, meat has pretty heavy affects on the environment.  Also, meat can be expensive!  So here are my picks for Meatless Game Day Snacks.  These are even tailgate friendly!

pretzel-bites-with-Cheesy-Jalepeno-Ranch-Dip-by Carlsbad Cravings

Pretzel Bites with Cheesy Jalapeno Ranch Dip

Oh.My.Gosh.  These combine all of my favorite flavors.


Cheddar Tailgating Bread

Just look at that gooey cheese.  And it uses a stick of butter, so you know it’s going to taste amazing.

Beer-Dip-by Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

The Perfect Beer Dip

This looks delicious, so I’ll forgive her for her Packer affiliations…

Bacon-Ranch-Grilled-Jalapenos-by Inside BruCrew Life

Bacon Ranch Grilled Jalapenos

Warning: you need a fancy jalapeno griller tool for this.  Unless you know of a way to grill cheese-stuffed jalapenos without one so the cheese doesn’t escape the pepper, in which case PLEASE share!  Also, skip the bacon, of course, to keep it meatless.

 Bean Taquitos with Cucumber Salsa - Rachel Ray Magazine

Bean Taquitos with Cucumber Salsa

This one combines flavors that are a bit less traditional for game-day.


Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Um, hello.  Buffalo anything = game-day must-have.

What are your go-to snacks for Game Day?  Do you have any meatless favorites?  Please share by commenting below!

Looking for more?  Follow my Pinterest Board: Game Day!

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