A New Way to Declutter Your Closet {Part Three}

A New Way to Declutter Your Closet Part Three - by Little Bits of GranolaYay!  You’re still with me!  And if you are a newbie to this series, you’ll want to read Parts One and Two first.  The rest of this will make much better sense if you do.

As a recap of yesterday, you’ve sorted all of your clothes into four piles: Closet, Next Season, Doesn’t Fit, and Everything Else.  You’ve got your current season’s wardrobe in your closet, your next season’s possible wardrobe items in a storage box, your clothes you love but that don’t fit in a storage box, and a pile of everything that didn’t fit into one of those categories.

So let’s get down to business.  Today, you are going to sort that last pile.  This pile might be really big the first time around.  It was for me.  That’s ok.  Hopefully over time you can whittle away at this pile and have only a couple of storage containers to work from when you do a closet change-out and select your current season’s wardrobe.

Again, you are going to sort in piles.  The labels on these piles, though, are going to be mostly up to you.  The only one I will require is that you have a “Get Rid Of” pile.  Personally, I say donate these clothes.  Unless you really have the time and/or you have some nice designer clothes that you can really make some money on, I personally don’t feel that it is worth the effort to sell clothes.  But it is your choice – like I said, I only require that the pile be labeled “Get Rid Of”.  How you get rid of them is up to you.

The other piles will largely depend on what you’ve got.  For me, the labels the first time around were as follows:


Business Pants/Skirts

Button Down Shirts


Casual Skirts/Shorts/Capris


See?  I told you I had a lot left in that last pile!  This doesn’t even take into account the maternity clothes I had already stored away!

Now this is where your space bags come in.  I put each pile, nicely folded into a space bag.

These are really pretty cool.  You don’t need any special equipment – just a regular vacuum cleaner that has an accessory hose (and you can actually get quite a bit of air out without a vacuum cleaner).  These bags shrink down quite a bit which makes them easy to store under the bed or on a closet shelf.

I didn’t get fancy with cute printed labels.  I just wrote the name of the pile on a piece of paper and put in on top of the pile inside the space bag.  Now store all of those space bags away and get rid of everything else.

If you are wondering why I use space bags instead of boxes, there are two reasons.

The obvious reason is that you can store more clothes in a smaller space since they shrink down so much.

The other reason is that it makes it less convenient to pull out those containers and add some things back into my wardrobe.  I don’t want to have to haul the vacuum cleaner up to my room and mess around with getting the clothes back in the bag and the bag back under my bed.  Essentially, it helps me follow my rules. 

That’s it for getting started.  Now you’ve got a nice, simple wardrobe in your closet and you’ve got everything else organized into categories that will make Part Four much easier!

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