A New Way to Declutter Your Closet {Part Two}

A New Way to Declutter Your Closet Part Two - by Little Bits of GranolaHey!  Welcome back!!!  I’m so glad you found yesterday’s post interesting enough to return and learn about the process.  And if this is your first time with this four-part series, you can read the first entry here.  In order for this part to make sense, I highly recommend you read Part One.  There will be some things that might make you scratch your head otherwise.

Alright, let’s move on to the process.

Start by deciding how many hangers you’ll allow in your closet.  I made this decision through a highly scientific process: I took a bunch of clothes out of my jamb-packed closet until it just seemed right.  I can pull the hangers apart to look at things without taking them out of the closet.  I can also store accessories, like belts and scarves, on organizers that hang on the closet rod.  Then I rounded that number to a multiple of 10, because I like nice round numbers.  See?  Highly scientific.

So pick a number that works for you.  Don’t get too hung up on it because you can always change this number.  I am going to strongly encourage you to wait until your next seasonal closet change out to make any modifications though!  Having this limited wardrobe may be challenging and uncomfortable at first.  Making yourself wait to make any modifications to your own rules will give you time to get a little more comfortable.

To begin sorting, you’ll need a couple of storage containers and some space bags.  I use these Sterilite boxes.  My main reason for choosing these?  They fit nicely in my closest.  I’m not going to go on about how cute they are, how sturdy they are, or how they are perfect for storing clothes for whatever reason.  They are simply a good size for my space and needs.  Pick containers that work for your space.

I like starting with containers like this because it puts a limit on how much you can keep and it ensures what you keep will fit in the space you have available.

I label one container “Next Season” and the other “Doesn’t Fit”.  I sort through my entire closet and put things in FOUR piles:

CLOSET: Things that will go back in the closet because I am including in the current season’s wardrobe.  Remember, there is a limit on how many things can go in this pile!

NEXT SEASON: Items that I MIGHT include in the next season’s wardrobe.  This pile does NOT have a limit other than it must fit into the storage box.  Having this box makes sorting easier the next time around.  When you select your next season’s wardrobe, you will pare this down to the number of hangers you’ve allowed in your closet.  Keep in mind, you may have several items that are worn for multiple seasons.  That’s GOOD.

DOESN’T FIT: This pile is for clothes that I love but that don’t fit me.  If my size hasn’t changed the next time I sort, I know that I don’t need to open this box unless I am ready to do another purge.

EVERYTHING ELSE:  This pile is for, well, everything else.

So now you’ve got your current season’s wardrobe.  Hang that in your closet.  Nicely fold the items that go in boxes (you’ll be glad you folded them when you take them back out) and put those up for storage.  Now you can sort through that last pile, “EVERYTHING ELSE”.  My process for sorting that is for Part Three– and if you are keeping track, that is where those space bags come in (I like these).  I hope I haven’t completely lost you and that you’ll come back tomorrow to learn how I sort that “EVERYTHING ELSE” pile!

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