Round-up: Jewelry made from Old T-Shirts

Jewelry from Old T-ShirtsLately, I have been obsessed with t-shirt repurposing projects.  I even created a Pinterest board just this morning to keep track of all of the inspiring ideas I’ve found.  Today, I wanted to share some great ideas from around the web for using old t-shirts to make jewelry.

The Statement Necklace:  Big, bold necklaces have been a hot trend for a while.  You see them everywhere.  I LOVE this alternative to the shiny, sparkly (and might I add, sweat-shop produced) necklaces you see in every department store you walk in.

I bought this necklace from Artsy Intuition on Etsy.

Chunky Braid T-Shirt Necklace | Little Bits of Granola

Here are a couple others from Artsy Intuition:


I’m not sure if this necklace from Ashen Drift on Etsy is made from old t-shirts or not, but it is great inspiration for a creation of your own.


Knotted necklace by Refinery 29 (with tutorial):


Fringe Necklace by For the Love of (with tutorial):

Beaded Necklace by Fashionista (with tutorial):


Beaded Necklace by Keepsake Threads (this is one I purchased as well):

Long T-Shirt Necklace


And now for some bracelets…

Bangles by Camilla Fabbri at Family Chic (with tutorial):


Fringe Bracelets by Crafts by Amanda (with tutorial):


Braided Bracelets with Magnet Closure by Henry Happened (with tutorial):


Finger Knitted Bracelets by V and Co. (with tutorial):


My next t-shirt repurpose project is a dress for my 2 ½ year old.  You can see the tutorial on my Pinterest board: What to do with old T-shirts, and soon I’ll be posting a pic of my finished product!

Share your t-shirt creations by linking in comments below!






5 thoughts on “Round-up: Jewelry made from Old T-Shirts

    1. Aren’t they?! I can’t take credit – I have not yet attempted one of my own. I’ll certainly share when I do. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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