Costco Haul for June ’14

Monthly Costco HaulA few weeks ago I told you all about why I shop at Costco and that I wanted to share what I buy when I shop there.  Because Costco is a membership wholesaler – meaning you have to purchase an annual membership in order to take advantage of shopping at their stores and enjoying their low prices – people often want to know what products Costco carries before they shell out the membership fee.  So I thought I’d let you know what products my family enjoys.

I usually shop at Costco once a month.  Technically, my last “Costco Week” was in June and as you can see this week’s shopping trip also fell in the month of June; but that is just because the grocery budget worked out that way this month.  This month, I did not buy much fresh produce or meat, which I do buy at Costco often.  That is because I just bought a big box o’ meat for my husband for Father’s Day, so we are stocked up on high quality ethically farmed meat for a good long time.  Also, we are eating what we grow and shopping at the Farmer’s Market for fresh produce.  I don’t get the same things each month – as you’ll see as I post my monthly haul.  I usually choose a couple of things to stock up on (like instant mac and cheese this month, organic tomato sauce last month).

So here is what I bought this month:

40 oz (2.5 lb) dried organic figs — $10.99

This are a great snack for when you crave something sweet.

12 pack of Annie’s macaroni and cheese — $12.59

If I’m going to make instant mac and cheese, I might as well choose organic.  This 12 pack will last us a few months.

16 oz. Organic mixed greens and spinach blend — $4.49

This is one type of produce I almost always buy at Costco.  The price is great, the greens are pre-washed and stay fresh for a long time, and my family is far more likely to eat salad if it is quick and easy to make.

16 pack individual servings of organic hommus — $5.79

I. Love. Hummus.

38 oz. (2 lb 6 oz) Organic spinach and cheese ravioli — $10.99

This comes divided into two packs and one pack is enough for my family.  These are seriously so good.  They don’t even need sauce.   You can freeze them too.


Costco Haul for June 2014What are your favorite Costco finds?  Comment below!



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