Simple Coffee Brown Sugar Scrub

Simple Coffee Brown Sugar ScrubHomemade scrubs are super easy to make and to customize.  This is a {loose} recipe for my favorite scrub: a simple coffee sugar scrub.  I like this because coffee has a bit more grit to it than sugar, so this scrub has a nice combo of gentle sugar and gritty coffee plus nourishing sweet almond oil.  This recipe is for just a basic scrub.  You can easily customize it using different carrier oils or adding essential oils, but this recipe will get you started.  I generally use this as a personal scrub, not as a gift.  If I were going to give this as a gift, I would increase the amount and add essential oils or a few drops of vanilla to make it a little more interesting.

I say this is a loose recipe because I am not giving you any exact measurements.  I’m just going to describe how I make my scrub for my own personal use.

First I start with some coffee grounds.  I just take the filter of used grounds out of my coffee maker and let them dry out.Coffee Scrub 1

Once the coffee grounds are dry, I add an equal amount of brown sugar.

Coffee Scrub 2

Then I add a good squeeze (probably about a ½ teaspoon, but again, I do not really measure) of vitamin E oil and about 3 or 4 times as much sweet almond oil.

Coffee Scrub 3


From here, I just mix it and slowly add sweet almond oil a small amount at a time until I get the consistency I like.  My scrub has just enough oil to old all the gritty stuff together without pooling in the bowl.

Coffee Scrub 4

And I just store it in a small mason jar.

Coffee Scrub 5

Here is how I use the scrub:

A couple of times a week, I gently massage the scrub on my face.  Be very gentle as the coffee is very gritty.

Then I soak a washcloth in the warmest water I can stand.  After wringing the washcloth out (important, otherwise you feel as if you are drowning in the next part), I place it over my face and let it sit for a couple of minutes or until it starts to cool off.  This is similar to the oil cleansing method shared by Wellness Mama.  Then I gently wipe the scrub off of my face using the washcloth.  Again, be gentle.  You don’t want to sand the skin off of your face; you just want a nice exfoliation.  I like to do this at the sink using a washcloth because the cloth catches most of the oil rather than having it coat the sink and wash down the drain.  You can use this on your body as well, just be very careful not to slip in the shower.

If you would like to get more creative with essential oils, I recommend skipping the coffee grounds and making a simple sugar scrub.  Then the aroma of the coffee doesn’t interfere with the aromas of the oils and you are still exfoliating well.

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