8 Practical Father’s Day Gifts

LBoG 8 Practical Fathers Day GiftsFather’s Day is coming up fast.  Are you still struggling to think of ways to show your love and appreciation?  For my hubby (and the daddy to my two lovely daughters), I am going the practical route.  My guy loves to grill and loves to eat meat.  Although, I have to give him major props – he never bats an eye at the meatless meals I prepare a few times a week.  So for Father’s Day, I am getting him a big box of meat.  I know, it sounds crazy.  But think about it.  This is a treat to him.  He loves to eat meat and I don’t cook with beef and pork as often as he’d like.  This is also a practical expense for my family because buying it in bulk, I am getting a great price and we will all benefit from his grilling adventures.  But this is the best part: the meat is locally raised naturally without any added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.  I am buying his big box of meat from Willow Lake Farm.  They are committed to natural, sustainable, humane, and ethical farming practices.

Here are few other practical or otherwise out-of-the-box Father’s Day gift ideas.

Dollar Shave Club Membership

Learn about their blades here.

Choose from $1, $6, and $9 per month memberships and have fresh razor blades sent to your door each month.

{BLANK} of the Month Club Membership (beer, fruit, wine, cheese, chocolate, cigar…)

My husband enjoyed the Beer of the Month membership I got him for his birthday a few years ago. And truth be told, so did I.

Have the lawnmower blade sharpened…

Click to read 13 Essential Mowing Tips for earth-friendly lawn care.

Or, just cut the grass for him!


DIY Coupon Book

Click for this cute printable!

Personalized Keychain

My hubby got a stamped guitar pick keychain last year.

Custom Designed T-Shirt

Designed by his favorite little artist(s), of course.

Do you have any creative, practical, or otherwise out-of-the-box gift ideas?  Comment below to share!

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